Ladestation UMI/VOTO X2/X2 Turbo

Ladestation UMI/VOTO X2/X2 Turbo

• Original UMI/VOTO
• Für Akkus des UMI/VOTO X2/X2 Turbo
• Extrem praktisch!

ATTENTION: Chinese New Year Celebrations shut down China completely. Us as well - we are not able to buy merchendise or ship parcels. All factories and stores are closed. Hundreds of millions of people go visit their families. We can't ship orders from February 7th thru 26th. We will however process your order immediately after. Thank you for you for your understanding and patience!

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14,99 EUR
Original Akku-Ladestation von UMI/VOTO für X2 und X2 Turbo mit praktischer Ladevorrichtung für einen Akku.


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