Blackview Hero 1 Action Camera

• Sport Camera
• Display Size: 2 Inch
• Resolution: 960x240 Pixel
• 1050mAh Battery
• Sony Camera (IMX206) with 16 Mega Pixel
• HDMI Port
• USB 2.0 Port
• Micro SD Memory Card Slot (to 64GB)
• 20pcs. Accessories Set including

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The new Blackview Hero 1 Action Camera is on the market! Upon first arrival I was immediately impressed with the packaging on the Blackview Hero 1, as it’s not only cool looking but feels really high quality. Up top in a clear plastic cube sits the camera, housed inside of a waterproof case, and below sit about a dozen different accessories included in the price of the camera. Anyone who’s familiar with a GoPro or any number of the clones out there will feel immediately at home here. The front of the rectangular body holds the large, protruding camera lens situated above an IR blaster and next to the power button. Up top is a single LED and OK/Shutter button, while the right side holds a combination microphone/speaker spot as well as two function buttons with up and down arrows. On the left side sit all the ports including a microHDMI, microUSB and microSD card slot. Underneath sits the removable battery housed inside of a compartment, while the but 2-inch screen takes up almost the entire back section of the camera. ORDER NOW!



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