Dear valued customers,

The last months and years have changed a lot - witihin china and the rest of the world. The pandemic has made shipping from china a risky undertaking. Not only have shipping costs risen to all time highs but it also is slower and more unreliable. More and more chinese brands want to sell their products by themselves and prohibit us to list them in our shop. The let the authorities confiscate parcels if their products are discovered. Regulations within china and also worldwide have changed so much we see no other choice as to stop doing business with consumers and only service resellers in the future.

Thanks for understanding and all the best!

The CECT Shop Staff

1.1 Where are the products dispatched from?
1.2 How much import duty/VAT will I have to pay?
1.3 Are there any costs over and above delivery?
1.4 Will I receive an order number/tracking number?
1.5 How long will it take for my goods to be delivered?
1.6 I have received a letter from DHL/Customs. What should I do?
1.7 Which delivery options do you offer?
1.8 Can I collect my order from a DHL Packstation?
1.9 Is it possible to deliver to an alternative address?
1.10 Can the parcel be declared as a gift?
1.11 When and how hill I receive my order?
1.12 How can I track my order?
1.13 How can I cancel my order?
1.14 What if there is a problem with my order?
1.15 How long will it take to process my order?
1.16 Will my data be kept confidential?
1.17 Will my personal data be encrypted when I place my order?
1.18 I need an invoice. How can I request this? 
1.19 My ordered item was in stock at the time I have placed my order. Why is the item not available?
1.20 Which delivery companies do you use?

2.1 Do you offer handsets and tablets with a mobile phone contract?
2.2 What is “SIM lock”?
2.3 What is “Dual SIM”??
2.4 Can I use your handsets in my country?
2.5 How can I get software updates?
2.6 My display has air bubbles and scratches. What can I do?
2.7 What should I do if there is a pixel failure?
2.8 Are all your products new?

3.1 Do you offer a guarantee on your products?
3.2 At what times can I contact you?
3.3 How long does a repair take?
3.4 My device is defective. How can I use the guarantee?
3.5 What do I need to know when I want to use the guarantee?
3.6 Should I include accessories when I send my device?
3.7 Does updating my software invalidate the guarantee?
3.8 What is the shipping cost to China?
3.9 I have a problem with my product. What can I do?
3.10 I have sent you an email but have not yet received an answer. What should I do?
3.11 What should I do when I receive a product that doesn’t work?
3.12 I have received a counterfeit product. What should I do?
3.13 What does RMA mean?

4.1 I can’t login. What should I do?
4.2 How can I get regular updates about the store?
4.3 I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
4.4 Can I edit the personal information I used to register?
4.5 Can I change my password?
4.6 I am looking for a printed catalogue from CECT-SHOP. Does such a thing exist?
4.7 I cannot find what I am looking for in the online shop. Is it nevertheless possible to order it?
4.8 I  have a question/suggestion. How should I contact you?
4.9 Is it safe to purchase from your store?

5.1 Can I pay by credit card? 
5.2 I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I pay?
5.3 What discounts can I get if I purchase as a wholesaler?
5.4 Can I order to pay COD? 
5.5 Are there any discounts for bulk orders?
5.6  Do you offer gift vouchers?
5.7 Which payment methods do you offer?
5.8 Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?


1.1 Most of our products, including smartphones and tablets, are dispatched from China. Some accessories and spare parts are dispatched from Germany.

1.2 The amount of tax you pay depends on the value of the product, and the final decision rests with the customs authorities in your home country. In Germany and most EU countries, VAT is 19%, in the UK the VAT rate is 20%, in Australia GST is 10%, and in the United States sales taxes are between 0% and 11.25%. CECT-SHOP cannot provide you with a tax estimate in advance. We recommend you consult with your local tax authorities.

1.3 Yes. Your goods will be liable for VAT or import duty. Some countries have a tax-free threshold below which you can import goods free of VAT. We recommend that you check with your local tax authorities.

1.4 Yes. You will receive an email from CECT-SHOP with your tracking number as soon as we receive this from the logistics company. Generally you will receive your tracking number within one working day of us dispatching your order. Please allow time after placing your order for us to send your tracking number. 

1.5 As long as we have the device in stock, delivery by DHL worldwide normally takes 4-6 working days. Airmail delivery generally takes 15-20 working days. Please be aware that around busy periods, including Christmas and major Chinese holidays, deliveries may be slower than usual. We appreciate your patience. 

1.6 First of all, it is important to clarify what the Customs authority wants to know. On very rare occasions, goods can be delayed by Customs procedures. In most cases, the Customs authority requires an invoice or proof of payment, which we will be happy to provide to you. Please be aware that, while we will supply all reasonable documentation to you, we are not able to handle Customs formalities on your behalf. 

1.7 Normally we offer DHL Worldwide or Airmail. If your address is not served by DHL, we will dispatch your order by EMS.

1.8 No, we are unable to deliver to Packstations as import duty/VAT must be paid by the recipient before goods can be cleared by Cutoms.

1.9 Yes. You can enter multiple addresses in your customer profile or specify a different delivery address during the order process.

1.10 No. We have already made every effort to help our customers in respect of import duty and VAT. Unfortunately, declaring the device as a gift does not reduce the tax liability.

1.11 The majority of orders delivered by DHL Worldwide are delivered within 4-6 working days of payment being received by CECT-SHOP. Orders dispatched by Airmail are typically received within 15-20 working days. Your order will be delivered to the delivery address you specified in your order; if you specified a Packstation, the order will be delivered to your billing address.

1.12 After you place your order, you will receive an email from us with your unique tracking number. You can use this tracking number to track your delivery on the DHL Worldwide website:

1.13 Please send us an email with the subject line “Cancellation”. Please be sure to include your order number. We would be grateful if you would provide a brief explanation of why you wish to cancel your order.

1.14 In this case you will receive an email from us outlining the problem and offering a solution, for example if a device is not available, we will offer you an alternative model. 

1.15 After receiving payment we dispatch the goods directly. Delivery takes approx. 4-6 working days by DHL Worldwide or 15-20 working days by Airmail. In some cases, devices will not be in stock, which may cause a delay. If this is the case, we will notify you by email. 

1.16 We treat all your data strictly confidentially and will not under any circumstances share your data with any third parties. All orders are processed via a SSL-encrypted page. All passwords are encrypted for your protection.

1.17 Yes. All orders are processed via an SSL-encrypted page.

1.18 Please email our Customer Service team at, with your name and order number. We will send your invoice as an easy-to-print PDF document.

1.19 We usually process your order on business days (Monday - Friday) within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Due to our location in the heart of the world's largest electronics district in Shenzhen, we are able to procure most of the products we offer within a few hours and test and ship them to you on the same day.
Please understand that due to the large number of different products at our online store and the daily or even hourly changing availability at our suppliers, it may happen that the article you ordered is not available at the moment. In addition, due to the large number of different devices, variants and orders, it cannot be ruled out at all times that incorrect information about the stock status may occur because the product were perhaps simultaneously or otherwise on another marketplace platform or channel.
An update of the availability ("In stock") of all products will therefore only take place if an item is not available for longer than 3 business days. Orders are always processed and shipped in chronological order. Thank you for your understanding and attention.

1.20 In choosing delivery service providers, we try to find reliable partners who can provide good value for our customers. Currently we use PostNL (Netherlands Post) and Post Nord (Sweden Post), and occasionally other service providers like German Post, Singapore Post, etc.

Shipping with PostNL generally takes 10-20 working days, but they can only accept packages with batteries up to 5400mAh. We ship most products through PostNL.

Shipping with Post Nord usually takes 15-25 business days, but they accept larger battery capacity. We generally use Post Nord to ship power banks, single batteries and tablets with large battery capacity.

We will send you details on your shipment when it is dispatched, including details of the service provider and how to track your delivery. 


2.1 No. All our devices are supplied fully unlocked.

2.2 Handsets with SIM Lock only accept SIM cards issued by a particular service provider. For example, if you purchase a handset from Vodafone, you may only use a Vodafone SIM card with that handset. Our devices are SIM Lock-free, meaning that you can use the service provider of your choice, and are not tied to any one service provider.

2.3 Dual SIM means that you can install two SIM cards in your handset. You can thus use two SIM cards from different service providers.

2.4 Yes. 99% of our handsets can be used in any country. You can check this in the item description: if the handset has quad band, this means it is compatible with all major GSM networks worldwide. This means that you can continue to use your device while on holiday or travelling on business.

2.5 Updates for some devices can be downloaded from our Download Page or from other websites. There are numerous online forums, for example our partner site, where you can find firmware or custom ROMs. Please note that the device can be damaged by improper installation of updates, and that updating your device without prior authorization from CECT-SHOP will invalidate your guarantee.

2.6 All devices are fitted with self-adhesive screen protectors before shipping. These screen protectors may form bubbles during transit, but you can easily peel off the protective film and remove the bubbles.

2.7 After five pixel failures, you can contact us to initiate a return according to our Returned Merchandise Authorisation procedures. By comparison, Apple offers this service only after 10 pixel failures.

2.8 Unless it is specifically stated in the product description, ALL products sold by CECT-SHOP are new. However, it is completely normal to find fingerprints on the screen protectors from our quality control process.


3.1 Yes. We offer a one year guarantee on devices. Accessories and wearables such as batteries, headsets etc are excluded.

3.2 As we are based in China, there is likely to be a time difference between our office and your home country. Please keep this in mind and be patient when you are trying to contact us.

From the UK, our office can be reached between 05.00-14.00 (summer) and 04.00-13.00 (winter). From Australia, you can reach us best between 14.00-23.00 (summer) and 15.00-24.00 (winter) (all AEDT). From the USA (EST), we are available from 24.00-09.00 (summer) and 23.00-08.00 (winter); from the USA (PST) we are available from 21.00-06.00 (summer) and 20.00-05.00 (winter)

3.3 The duration of a repair depends on several factors, and of course on the shipping time to and from China. Different device manufacturers offer different turnaround times for repairs, ranging from 3 days to 4 weeks. We will make every effort to ensure your repairs are carried out promptly to ensure we can send your device back to you as soon as possible.

3.4 Stay calm and send an email to our Customer Service team with a detailed description of the fault and if necessary images to help explain the defect. We will contact you promptly with further instructions.

3.5 When you contact us, please be sure to include your name and order number. This will enable us to find your order more quickly in our system and will speed up the process of issuing you with a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA).

After you receive the RMA from us, please pack up the device and send to us by Airmail. When you pack up the device, please be sure to include a short note, with your name, order number, RMA number, and a short description of the defect. Please choose a form of postage that can be tracked, and make a note of the tracking number.

3.6 Generally you should include as few accessories as possible, and only the accessories that are relevant to the defect. For example, if your device has a problem with charging, you should include relevant accessories such as charging cable, batteries, etc. If however your device has a problem with the display, you do not need to enclose these accessories. If you are unsure, please ask our Customer Service team.

3.7 Generally yes. If the update is recommended from our support team, which is quite common, the guarantee will remain valid. If you find there is a problem after updating the device’s software, the issue can usually be resolved by repeating the update.

3.8 This depends on your home country and the weight of the package. A well-packaged device usually costs around GBP 5.00, AUD 10.00, USD 8.00 to send to us.

3.9 We test each and every product before dispatching it to you. However, problems can occasionally occur. This happens with famous brands as well as with less well-known ones. There are many online forums that discuss Chinese smartphones and tablets, and you can often find practical solutions there. We recommend our partner forum If you are unable to find a solution, please contact us at and we will do our best to help you.

3.10 Please be patient, and bear in mind the time difference between your home country and China. In most cases, you will receive an answer within the next working day.

3.11 We test each and every device before it leaves our warehouse. Nevertheless, in rare cases products can be damaged during shipping. In this case, please place the device back in its box and contact us directly. Please include pictures of the damage to the packaging and a detailed description of the fault. In the subject line, please enter “Defective Delivered Product”.

3.12 This is an extremely rare occurrence. If it happens to you, please contact immediately with the subject line “Counterfeit Product”. Please put the counterfeit product back in its packaging and, most importantly, do not use it.

3.13 RMA is an abbreviation for “Return Merchandise Authorisation” and originates from the USA. In the United States, guarantees are not provided by the retailer, as they are in some countries, but rather by the manufacturer. A customer whose product proves to be defective therefore returns it to the manufacturer rather than the retailer.

Using RMA to return the defective product has the advantage that the manufacturer knows in advance what the defect is before the returned product arrives, and is therefore ready to carry out a speedy repair.

For products purchased through our store, the procedure is as follows: if your device is defective please contact our Customer Support team at with your complaint and a detailed description of the defect. We will investigate and see if we can find a solution to the problem you are experiencing, which may mean that we will ask you to test the product and report on its performance. If we are not able to resolve the issue, you will receive an email with your RMA number and instructions for return shipment.

Please note that we cannot accept or repair any products without an RMA number.



4.1 Please check that your email address and password have been entered correctly. If this does not work, simply request a new password.

4.2 You are welcome to subscribe to our email newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or check our Blog, where we have regular updates on new products, reviews and special offers.

4.3 Simply request a new password. If you do not receive an email with a new password, please contact our Customer Service team Support.

4.4 You can edit your personal data at any time. To do this, please log in and edit the information as required.

4.5 Yes. To do this, simply log in and follow the instructions to change your password.

4.6 Unfortunately we cannot offer a printed catalogue. This is because we are constantly striving to lower prices for our customers, and we frequently introduce new products, so a printed catalogue would soon be out of date.

4.7 Please contact us by email or Skype and tell us what product you are looking for, preferably with a link to a website featuring the product.

4.8 We welcome questions, comments and suggestions from our customers. Please contact our Customer Support team: Support.

4.9 CECT-SHOP is owned and managed by a European team. We value honesty and, unlike some online stores in China, customer satisfaction is our aim. 


5.1 You can use your credit card to pay via PayPal. Unfortunately we cannot process credit card payments at this time.

5.2 No problem. In addition to PayPal, we also offer payment by bank transfer (SEPA – which has no service charge), and also SOFORT BANKING. You can find more detailed information here.

5.3 This depends on the product and the volume. Please email Customer Support for further information, and enter “Wholesaler Enquiries” in the subject line.

5.4 Unfortunately it is not possible to offer COD payment terms.

5.5 We are pleased to offer bulk purchase discount. Please contact our Customer Support team before you place your order.

5.6 Yes, we can provide gift vouchers. Please contact our Customer Support team for further information.

5.7 At the moment, we offer PayPal, payment by bank transfer (SEPA) and Online Bank Transfer

5.8 Yes. We currently accept payments through PPF Banka. SEPA transfers within the EU are easy and free of charge.