CHUWI SurBook Keyboard

CHUWI SurBook Keyboard

  • Original tastatur-dock for CHUWI SurBook Tablet
  • Connector Type: 5-PIN POGO Magnetic Connector
  • PU leather surface
  • QWERTY layout
  • Multi-function Touch Panel
  • Product size 26.70 x 18.50 x 1.00cm
  • Windows Shortcut Key/Media Keys
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Original magnetic keyboard for CHUWI SurBook Tablet.

Other than preserving from daily damage, this case boasts a  keyboard that allows you to stay connected, enhance productivity and make the most of your Chuwo SurBook.

Transform your tablet into a laptop. The ultra-thin Keyboard comes with a 5-pin POGO magnetic connector. The light Keyboard has a standard QWERTY layout and FN Media Keys. The integrated touch panel supports multi touch gestures.


234 g
In the Box
1x Keyboard