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Disposable Mop Cloth for Xiaomi Roborock Vaccum Cleaner (10 pcs)

Disposable Mop Cloth for Xiaomi Roborock Vaccum Cleaner (10 pcs)

  • Disposable replacement mop cloth
  • Peace of mind and effort – no more cleaning dirty cloth
  • Generally can be used 2-3 times
  • Set of 10 pieces
  • Suitable for Xiaomi Roborock S50/S51/T6x
  • Made of imported absorbent cotton
  • Biodegradable environmentally friendly-material
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The disposable replacement wiping cloth for the Xiaomi Roborock vacuum robot cleaner helps you to maintain a good cleaning performance. It is recommended to replace the single-use mopping cloth after 2-3 times in use, so as to ensure effective cleaning.

The set of 10 single replacement cleaning pads comes with Velcro to easily change the disposable wipe cloth of the vacuum cleaner. You also don`t have to worry about the environment or pollution when using the single-use mop cloth because it is made of biodegradable cotton.

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Textile fabric
Additional Info
Compatible for Xiaomi Roborock S50/S51/T6x
285 x 110mm
In the Box
1x Disposable Mop Cloths (10 pcs)