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Frilec Air Multiplier Desktop Fan

Frilec Air Multiplier Desktop Fan

  • Air multiplier technology
  • Cool and warm wind
  • Smart constant temperature control
  • No fast-spinning blades
  • Up to 9 hours timed turn off time
  • Three wind modes
  • Quiet Operation
  • Up to 6m remote control distance
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The Frilec Cool and Warm Air Circulation Fan is an air multiplier which can be compared to another version of the Dyson Cool Tower Fan. Even better, this Frilec Cool and Warm fan is not just designed for sticky summer days with cool wind, but also for cold winter days with warm wind. Its blade-free body causes no danger at all for childredn and the remote control makes operation easier than ever before.

The Frilec Air Multiplier Desktop Fan weights about 2.7 kg with a size of 665 x 290 x 145 mm. The leafless fan is compact and ultralight. When you are working, put it on the desk next to you or when you sleep, bring it to the bedroom, it takes almost no space. Boxes, wardrobe, suitcase and etc., any place can be the end collect room for the fan. Unlike traditional fans, the bladeless fan doesn't cut off air flow but absorb the wind at the bottom, it amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth airflow. It is safer, cooler and healthier.

To meet everyone's need, the fan provides three different levels of wind: soft and comfy wind for children and old people, natural and enjoyable wind for sleep, strong and powerful wind for hot summer days. Circled wind in the whole room, with 30 times air change each hour to help balance the indoor temperature. The Air Circulation ventilator generates noise lower than 50dB(A) and you can have a restful sleep all night long. A remote control with reachable distance of 6 meters saves you time and energy, turning the fan on/off just by sitting on the couch or lying in the bed.

Frilec Air Multiplier Desktop Fan can also be used as a heater, which is much more practical than most of the fans on the market. With 2100W power fast heating up, after only 30 seconds you start not to feel cold any more. Besides, by hanging the clothes 1 meter away in front of the fan, you can use it to dry your clothes when you are in a rush. In addition, since it is with no awkward safety grille or blades, you can simply wipe it with a dry or damp cloth, very easy to clean.

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Plastic (ABS)
Additional Info
Rated voltage: 220V;
Rated power: 24W(cold wind), 2100W(warm wind);
Noise: max 50dB;
Remote control distance: 6m;
Model: TP-08
665 x 290 x 145 mm
2.67 kg
In the Box
1x Remote Control, 1x User manual (Chinese), 1x Fan, 1x Travel AC Power Plug Adapter (if charger Type A is not supported in recipient country)