Lebooo Replacement Toothbrush Head (2 pieces) (Black)

Lebooo Replacement Toothbrush Head (2 pieces) (Black)

  • W-shaped cutting process
  • Replacement toothbrush head
  • 0.152mm diameter
  • Customized for Huawei HiLink Lebooo
  • Fast and easy replacement
  • Advised to replace every 3 months
  • Universal brush head for adults
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The replacement toothbrush head for the Huawei HiLink Lebooo electric toothbrush comes with 0.152mm diameter Pedex bristles. Each brush is UV sterilized and can be replaced in three simple steps. The color of the blue bristles will fade after 3 months in use to visually show you that it is time to replace the brush head.

Thanks to the W-shaped cutting process you can reach even hard-to-reach areas for a better and more efficient oral care. In addition to that, the amount of bristles has been improved and significantly increased.

Take care of your teeth and gum. The replacement brush head of the Huawei HiLink Lebooo Toothbrush is the perfect product of the end-to-end teeth cleaning process. Now available online at CECT-Shop.com.

Additional Info
Model: LBS- T053A
82 x 16 x 16mm
52 g
In the Box
2x Universal Brush Head