Huawei Lexy Lake Smart Floor Fan

Huawei Lexy Lake Smart Floor Fan

  • 360 degrees circulation natural wind
  • Smart pedestal fan with stable, round base
  • 7 fan blades design for strong wind power
  • Pendulum angle to 90 degrees
  • Four wind modes
  • Quiet Operation
  • Huawei Smart Home Control
  • Wind reachable distance up to 15 meters
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The Huawei Lexy Smart Lake Floor Fan (HF30) is a perfect example for a natural wind flow during hot and sticky summer days and nights. The Huawei Lexy Intelligent Air Circulation Fan sports a 7-blade wing shape design for strong wind power, delivering wide and soft wind up to 15 meters with a speed of 4.3m/s. Connecting it with the Huawei Smart App and voice control (Chinese) makes the operation easier than ever before.

The Huawei Lexy Smart Floor Fan weights about 3 kg. The ventilator can be easily lifted and moved around to any place at your house. Unlike traditional 3-blade fans, the Huawei Lexy Smart Lake Floor Fan has a total of seven blades that can cut off air flow more densely and evenly, providing soft, straight and comfortable wind that also fits for children and older people. The densely designed blade cover gap is to prevent putting fingers into it for a safer use.

It supports four different wind modes, including stable powerful wind mode with constant speed, natural sea wind mode, comfortable forest wind mode and soft sleeping wind mode. The Air Circulation ventilator generates only noise as low as 30dB(A) and the wind can reach up to 15 meters distance, so you can have a restful sleep all night long.

With an operating angle of basically 360 degrees the standing fan can move from left to right automatically, and -5 to 90 degrees from top to bottom manually, so no matter if you are lying down or sitting in front of your desk, you can enjoy cooling wind. Supporting Huawei HiLink, this fan is applicable on Huawei Smart Home App as well. Users can set wind range, type and speed. You can also schedule the on/off time or customize your own cooling mode.

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Plastic (ABS)
Additional Info
Model: HF30;
Rated voltage: 24V;
Rated power: 20W;
Noise: 30dB - 58dB;
Wind Speed: 4.3M/s;
Wind reachable distance: 15m
1008 x 320 x 320mm
3 kg
In the Box
1x User manual (Chinese), 1x Fan, 1x Travel AC Power Plug Adapter (if charger Type A is not supported in recipient country)