Momax iFan 5 Portable Desktop Fan

Momax iFan 5 Portable Desktop Fan

  • Perfect cooling in summer
  • ABS + Aluminium + PP materials
  • 3 wind speeds, 50 degree adjustable wind angle
  • 1-5 working hours
  • Battery & USB charging
Ships in 1-2 days
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Momax iFan 5 is a handheld rechargeable mini desktop fan. It weighs around 500g and has a compact size of 215 * 168*140 mm. The desktop fan is in white available and it has 3 adjustable wind speeds: sleep wind/natural wind/strong wind.

Based on different wind speed the working time varies from 1 to 5 hours. 50 degree adjustable wind angle with a wind speed of up to 3m/s you will always feel the coolness and breeze on your face. The built-in 2000mAh battery can be fully charged via Micro-USB cable in 3 hours.

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Plastic (ABS)
Additional Info
Model: IF5;
Material: ABS + Aluminium + PP;
Battery: 2000mAh
215 x 168 x 140 mm
478 g
In the Box
1x USB Cable, 1x Mini USB Fan