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Pulse Clean 21 Negative Ions Generation Plate for Mobile Devices

Pulse Clean 21 Negative Ions Generation Plate for Mobile Devices

  • Suitable for everyone especially pregnant ladies
  • Attach to electrical gadgets and appliances
  • Made of tourmaline stone
  • Effectively reduce unhealthy electromagnetic field rays
  • Additionally eliminates static electricity
  • Create healthy environments for you
  • Generates streams of negative ions
  • Round-the-clock protection
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Electromagnetic wave is known to cause a lot of trouble to your body because it generates harmful positive ion. You might suffer for example, eyestrain, stiff shoulder, headache, dizziness, irritability, cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, loss of immune function, etc. The following appliances like mobile phone, microwave, oven, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, printer, fax machine, car, etc. generate a lot of positive ion.

Pulse Clean 21 anti-radiation patch is made of tourmaline stones generating negative ions. The negative ion generated is called healthy ion, which is often found in the forest or near waterfalls. It reduces harmful positive ions and creates a refreshing and healthy environment. An additional effect of Pulse Clean 21 is to eliminate static electricity. Placing Pulse Clean 21 on the corners of your TV monitor prevents dust from sticking to the screen. It verifies the Pulse Clean’s effect to eliminate static electricity.

Pulse Clean 21 is creatively designed for usage with electronic gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops or home appliances nowadays. Protect yourself against low-frequency electromagnetic field with Pulse Clean 21 Negative Ions Generation Plate now!

Tourmaline Stones
Additional Info
Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, AC adapters, etc.
157 x 88 x 20mm
8 g
In the Box
1x Anti-Radiation Patch