Qi Wireless Charging Cover for iPhone

• Suitable for iPhone
• Material: Plastic
• for all Qi charging stations suitable

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GBP 14.12
Product Features: 1 Special inductive wireless charging receiver case for iPhone, simple design, just no cable clutter. 2 Provides continuous power, less power loss, more efficiency 3 This product is suitable for all wireless Qi-enabled charging stations. Application tips: First Please observe the operating instructions and place the charger into the charging area. When the device is in the loading area, it starts to load, no matter in which direction it is. Try to place it as close as possible to the load center. Second When the charging process is almost finished, it is normal that the charging process is terminated. 3 Please keep the device more than 1m of radio and television equipment removed when it is in the loading state. 4th This product fulfills the function of the phone shell. You need no other shell. How it works? Just place the wireless receiver charger like a shell on your iPhone and then place the phone on the Qi standard wireless charging station.


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