Qi Wireless Charging Pad for All Qi-Enabled Devices

Qi Wireless Charging Pad for All Qi-Enabled Devices

• Easy to use, Just put your Qi-device on the pad and it will show a solid blue light indicator to show charging start
• wireless charging function
• No installation required
• Input voltage: 5V
• Input Current: ≥1.2A
• output for voltage and current: 5V; 1A
• Transmission distance: 10 mm
• Other devices can also be used (Qi compatible)
• In the box: 1x Qi Wireless Charger

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Tired of your daily cable mess? In future you simply have to put your smart phone on the Qi power transmission pad and your phone will be charged via resonant inductive coupling. There is no installation necessary and it is set up very easy and fast by using an USB cable. Other advantages are that you must not use different chargers from different manufacturers anymore and there is no wear and tear to your charging socket.


Toll und kein Kabelsalat

By Lightning on June 1, 2017

Ich lade all meine Smartphones nur noch per Wireless Qi Charging. Keine lästigen Kabel mehr, die herum hängen und das Handy wird jederzeit bei Kontakt geladen. Neben NFC sollte Qi wirklich zum heutigen Smartphone-Standard gehören. Bestellung lief auch reibungslos ab. Danke!

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