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The last months and years have changed a lot - witihin china and the rest of the world. The pandemic has made shipping from china a risky undertaking. Not only have shipping costs risen to all time highs but it also is slower and more unreliable. More and more chinese brands want to sell their products by themselves and prohibit us to list them in our shop. The let the authorities confiscate parcels if their products are discovered. Regulations within china and also worldwide have changed so much we see no other choice as to stop doing business with consumers and only service resellers in the future.

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Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Pad for All Qi-Enabled Devices (for iPhone (Lightning connector))

Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Pad for All Qi-Enabled Devices (for iPhone (Lightning connector))

  • Simply plug in and start charging - no installation necessary
  • wireless charging function
  • Transmission distance: 10 mm
  • Easy, fast and simple to use
  • In the box: 1x Qi wireless receiver pad
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Upgrade your smart phone with the Qi wireless receiver for all common devices. There is no installation necessary to retrofit your Android or Apple product with Qi technology. The Qi pad is plugged directly into the microUSB or Lightning charging socket and will fit behind any protective cover. For some devices you can put the Qi receiver pad directly behind the battery back cover. In the future, combined with a matching Qi charging pad you only charge your mobile phone means of electromagnetic induction! The mobile phone is simply placed on the Qi charger and you can charge it. Other benefits include, among others, that you don´t need to use different chargers more different manufacturers anymore and there is no wear on the plug contacts in the charging socket.