Realme Q Soft Silicone Case (Yellow)

Realme Q Soft Silicone Case (Yellow)

  • Elastic back panel
  • Sturdy internal structure
  • Survives professional 1m drop-test
  • Exclusively made for Realme Q
  • 0.9mm High-Screen design against scratches
  • Original Realme Soft Rubber Protection Case
  • Made of high-quality silicone and PC material
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Everything can be Realme! Protect your Realme Q Android smartphone with this trendy phone protection case made of soft silicone. The protection smartphone case is made internally of durable and tough PC material to protect your precious phone. On the outside, it comes with a soft feel thanks to the rubber coating.

The original Realme Q phone case is thin, lightweight and with raised edges to protect the touch screen from scratches when you put your phone face down. The smartphone protection case is an accessory on its own with the Realme logo on the back. It is made accurately with all openings and cutouts to be able to use the Realme Q without limitations. The original Realme Q smartphone protection case is available in Yellow and Deep Gray color.

Protect and upgrade your Realme Q Android smartphone with the high-quality protection phone case – available online at

PC + silicone
Additional Info
Model: RMA165-2
Display Size
6.3 Inches
27 g
In the Box
1x Protection Case