Roborock Water Tank Filter T6 (6 pairs)

Roborock Water Tank Filter T6 (6 pairs)

  • Original Roborock replacement water tank filter
  • Set of 6 pairs
  • Double-filter design
  • Anti-leakage sealing ring
  • Compatible for Xiaomi Roborock T6/T60/T61/T65
  • Separate-module design, easy to dismount and install
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The filter core for Xiaomi Roborock vacuum cleaning robot filtrates the impurity such as invisible sediment in the water, and effectively prevents occurring water stains. Replacing spare parts of the T6x on time will help your robot vacuum cleaner to maintain a good cleaning performance. It is recommended to replace the water tank filter every 1-3 months, to ensure the best cleaning effect at your home or office.

The replacement water tank filter comes with an anti-leakage sealing ring made of silica gel. Whether the water tank of the Xiaomi MiJia Roborock T6 is full or almost empty, the filter is responsible that the speed of water seepage is the same. The water tank filter for Xiaomi Roborock T6 series vacuum cleaning robot is easy to replace.

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Plastic (ABS)
Additional Info
Compatible for Xiaomi Roborock T6x (T60, T61, T65);
Model: SXLX01RR
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1x Water Tank Filter (6 pairs)