Roborock Washable Dust Bin Filter for T7S Series (2 pcs)

Roborock Washable Dust Bin Filter for T7S Series (2 pcs)

  • E11 grade filter
  • Perfect fit for Roborock T7S/T7S Plus
  • Original Roborock HEPA filter
  • Only need to wash with cold water
  • Fast and easy replacement
  • In the box: 2 pieces
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The washable High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) dust bin filter for your T7S series robotic vacuum cleaner is an improved version suitable for the Roborock T7S and T7S Plus sweeping and popping robots. You only have to remove the dust bin of your cleaning robot and replace the filter in two quick steps.

Only wash the filter with cold water and don't use any detergents. It is recommended to not use your fingers or a brush to clean the filter to avoid any damage. Make sure to air the washed filter at least 24 hours and that the HEPA filter is fully dry before you use it again. The manufacturer recommends to clean the washable HEPA filter for Roborock and Mi Robot Vacuum cleaning robots every two weeks.

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Additional Info
Compatible for Roborock T7S/T7S Plus
68 g
In the Box
2x Mi Robot Vacuum Filter