Series 2 - No.5 Racer - Google Android Mini Collectible Figures

Series 2 - No.5 Racer - Google Android Mini Collectible Figures

  • Designer: Jeff Yaksick
  • Android figure to collect and exchange
  • The figure is approx. 8.5 cm tall
  • 16 different Android collectibles
  • The arms and the head can be moved
  • Non-toxic PVC material
  • Weight: 57 g
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The Android robot is the trademark and mascot of Google's operating system. The collectible figures are popular worldwide and an absolute must-have for every Android fan. With the Series 2 collector's item, you can now show all Apple fanatics that robots are much cooler and more versatile than apples.

The Google fan product is part of a strictly limited series, so the Android collectible figure is a true collector's item with a special, individual and distinctive design.

The Android collectible figure has 360-degree movable arms. The head can also be turned around its own axis. Some of the figures even have other "special abilities". Among the figures there are robots like Blackbeard, Bernhard, Cupcake, Coffee, Rupture, Hexcode, Iceberg and Noogler. The # 5, Racer, Series 2 was designed by Jeff Yaksick.

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