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Waveex Anti-Radiation Patch for Mobile Phones

Waveex Anti-Radiation Patch for Mobile Phones

  • Carefree surfing & phone calls
  • Easy to handle for all devices
  • Round-the-clock protection
  • Independent usage
  • Unique technology
  • Makes mobile communication easier for body to tolerate
  • No additional DNA strand breaks during phone calls
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PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone – all these things help to make your daily life quick and uncomplicated. However, the effects of the resulting electromagnetic fields (EMF) are not harmless and cause various stress symptoms.

The anti-radiation patch from Waveex is based on a unique and revolutionary technology which smooth the resulting magnetic field gradients of mobile devices which have a transmitting function and a battery, wireless devices with access to the direct current part and antenna masts.

Especially in times of 5G development mobile device users are getting more and more aware of mobile phones and other wireless devices which form an artificial, low-frequency electromagnetic field. Our body also communicates at the cellular level by means of electromagnetic signals, which are disturbed by mobile phone emissions. This leads to changes in the blood count and DNA and entails numerous health risks. The Waveex Anti-Radiation Patch normalises hormone and protein production, restoring DNA protection and preventing blood count changes.

The Waveex radiation chip is also having a physical effect by neutralizing the harmful magnetic field peaks in the electromagnetic field. This creates a natural digital shield that permanently shields the human organism against low-frequency radiation. Therefore, it reduces oxidative stress and lowers the body’s stress levels.

Your ear feels numb, you have mild to severe headaches or just feel dull when you talk a lot on the phone on a daily basis? Then protect yourself against low-frequency electromagnetic field with the Waveex Anti-Radiation Patch now!

Additional Info
Field of application: Mobile devices, Wireless devices, Antenna masts
In the Box
1x Anti-Radiation Patch