Xiaomi 8H Memory Foam Waist Protection Pillow (Gray)

Xiaomi 8H Memory Foam Waist Protection Pillow (Gray)

  • All-support radian
  • Slow rebound
  • Dual-antibacterial
  • Size: 350 * 330 * 120mm
  • For office, car and home using etc.
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The Xiaomi 8H Memory Foam Waist Protection Pillow is made of slow rebound memory foam to protect your waist while you are at home, in the office or driving a car to reduce or protect your back from pain.

The 8H waist pillow has a large size with 350 * 330 * 120mm for relaxing your waist. It is in an all-support radian ergonomic design with special massage point which effectively relieves the waist fatigue. The 50D high density memory foam rebounds slowly and the high quality BASF Polyurethane material provides you with soft and comfortable support when sitting for longer. The inside is covered by an ultra soft Indian cotton cover which is washable and cares about your back skin, providing you fine tactility.

The company also adds Sweden polygiene antibacterial to the waist protection cushion. It can effectively inhibit the fungus and bacteria, prevent the growth of bacteria, protect the natural colonies on your skin, and eliminate odor. The Japan Nifco professional buckle has brilliant durability and it can resist to the tough environment.

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Additional Info
Modell: K1;
Material: Polyester fiber & cotton
350 x 330 x 120mm
450 g
In the Box
1x User manual (Chinese), 1x Memory Foam Pillow