Xiaomi Mi 9/Mi 9 Explorer Nillkin H Anti-Explosion Glass Screen Protector

Xiaomi Mi 9/Mi 9 Explorer Nillkin H Anti-Explosion Glass Screen Protector

  • Crystal Clear - super high transmittance
  • Nano-technology coating
  • Custom made for Xiaomi Mi 9 / Mi 9 Explorer Edition
  • Made from imported Japanese AGC glass
  • Long lasting protection for your phone
  • Tempered Glass Film
  • Protects from dust and scratches
  • Ideal for high-resolution displays
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The tempered Nillkin screen protector provides your Android phone with an ideal protection for the touch screen and display of your high-end Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 Explorer Transparent Edition smart phone.

The Panzerglass is made of hardened glass with its hardness up to 9H and 0.33mm thickness explosion-proof. In terms of protecting the sensitive display a tempered glass cover seems to be the best solution. Usually a phone case or flip cover only protects your phones body and housing. Whereas the protective tempered glass covers nearly the entire front of your mobile phone. For this reason, a display protected by tempered glass survives most drops or falls easily.

The scratch resistant glass is very easy to apply on the display thanks to the coating on the underside. Even for an untrained user, this is an effortless endeavor. The function of the touch screen remains fully after the protective film has been applied. The colors, contrast and resolution of the hand-held display are also fully preserved. The Nano coating of the surface prevents your phone against dirt, water and oil and it feels pleasantly smooth to operate.

Order and buy the Nillkin H Anti-Explosion Glass Screen Protector for your Xiaomi Mi 9/M9 EE against dust, scratches and falls today – only available at CECT-Shop.com - since 2006.

Tempered Glass
Clear / Transparent
Thickness: 0.33mm
Display Size
6.39 Inches
10 g
In the Box
1x Tempered Glass Screen Protector