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Xiaomi Mi Power Strip - Multiple power strip with 3 USB charging ports

Xiaomi Mi Power Strip - Multiple power strip with 3 USB charging ports

  • 3 USB Ports, 3 International Combination Ports
  • Total current flow up to 3.1A
  • Single port supports up to 2A Quick Charge
  • 82% Power Conversion
  • Intergrated with quality bronze and copperbelt workmanship
  • 3-levels Protection: Short circuit protection, retardant up to 750°c, Independent safe closure on ports
  • Minimal design as small as a pencil box (22.5cm x 4.1cm x 2.6cm)
  • Hidden indicator light which reduce the light disturbance during night.
  • Anti Sliding pad, suitable for putting on a table
  • Unique small adapter for the plug socket board
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The world's third biggest smartphone producer XIAOMI is extending its SMART HOME products with the new Mi Power Strip.

3 USB ports are designed so that their performance is compared with the original chargers. Using only the USB port, you can simultaneously charge a mobile, tablet and e-book or digital camera and other devices that require frequent recharging. Unique Smart chip USB port can automatically identify the power required and maintains the voltage 2A. Power and security charge is the same as in the original charger extender therefore has no negative effect on battery life. Threshold leakage current protection 20μA, the effective protection of your personal safety. Compared with the original devices zaryadmi energy conversion efficiency to 82%, extender not only more energy efficient, but also more highly. Furthermore it covers 100 - 220V full voltage range.

The use of high-quality bronze as a material for creating a conductive structure can reduce the risk of electric shock and short circuits in use, thanks to its qualities. Yellow Bronze sufficiently elastic, with good electrical conductivity, wear-resistant, durable deformation sufficiently resistant to high temperatures, prevents the risk of ignition. In the manufacturing process, in spite of costs, we chose a safe and high technology for forming between connections. Each component part of the extension to protect your life. Timely prevent a short circuit, fire due to electronics companies Joemex, who for the past 20-years developing the device overload protection.

When exceeding the norm electric load, immediately there is a risk of a short circuit or fire. Joemex created for Xiaomi an overload protection device, which in case of a threat, the power turns off, thereby preventing timely unexpected fire or short circuit. For greater security, high-quality material of the body been used with the addition of refractory elements, which has been tested for resistance to fire,heat up to 7500S/750 centigrade. This extender meets all national standards for fire safety. Each outlet has a protective plate too. You just need to apply a bit of force and you will immediately insert the plug into the socket, it will not affect the normal operation extension.

Simple, elegant and compact - the new multiple XIAOMI Mi Power Strip with three USB charging ports!

Additional Info
Model: XMCXB01QM
22.5 x 4.1 x 2.6cm
250 g
In the Box
1x Mi Power Strip