Xiaomi MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector

Xiaomi MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector

  • Progressive Sound Alarm (80dB)
  • Using flame retardant material
  • 5 years or more lifespan
  • Smart home device: Remote alert (notification on your phone)
  • ZigBee Wireless Technology
  • Periodic Self-Inspection Reminder
  • Smart Features: Self Testing, Set Trigger Sensitivity, Tandem Mode
  • CCCF Certification
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These days we are facing an increased danger by fire accidents due to faulty wiring, ill conditioning of devices, gas leaks, etc. To keep your family, home or work place safe smart devices like the Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector help to minimize the dangers. The intelligent fire guard detects smoke (no Carbon Monoxide) at its early stages and will issue a progressive high decibel sound (80dB), as well as send a notification to your smartphone.

The fire detector is a photoelectric detection alarm. This system guarantees that your home will be safe from unnoticed fires in the area. Xiaomi has created a lot of smart home products which are affordable and great entry devices into the IoT (Internet of Things). The fire alarm, and all other smart home devices, can be connected with the Mi Home app as well as to the cloud through ZigBee wireless technology.

Make your home fire safe and place a MiJia Honeywell Smoke Detector in your living room, dining room, kitchen, child's room, study room and bed room! The Smart Smoke Detector is powered by a CR123A cell battery (not included). Further items in the box include two screws, two double sided stickers and a mount plate.

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Additional Info
Model: JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW
Ø 60mm x 36mm
82 g
In the Box
1x Smoke Detector