Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm 5 Matte Screen Protector (1-Pack)

Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm 5 Matte Screen Protector (1-Pack)

  • Exclusively made for Moaan InkPalm 5
  • Matte Phone Screen Protector
  • 1-Pack, 3-Pack & 5-Pack
  • Dust-free, fingerprint-free
  • High-response
  • Fast to apply, bubble free
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The matte Xiaomi Moaan InkPalm 5 screen protector is an affordable way to protect your portable E-Ink pocket device better against scratches and drops, as well as light reflection. The screensaver will keep your display surface pristine and preserves touch sensitivity. It also keeps your fingers swiping and sliding smoothly across the touch screen.

The non-glossy screen protector retains clarity of your display and keeps the screen responsive to every touch and tap. In addition, the surface has a coating resistant to fingerprints, smudges and smears.

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Clear / Transparent
Display Size
5.2 Inches
2 g
In the Box
1x Screensaver