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Xiaomi Roborock T6 Smart Vacuum Cleaner (Gold - T61)

Xiaomi Roborock T6 Smart Vacuum Cleaner (Gold - T61)

  • 50% more silent
  • 14 different sensors
  • 2000 Pa suction power
  • 5,200mAh battery
  • Working time: 2.5 hours
  • 2-in-1 Sweeping & Mopping
  • Control and operation via MiHome Android app (Region: China & CST)
  • Easier to clean main brush
  • Programmable for independent cleaning
  • Large dirt collecting container (500ml)
  • New SLAM Map Management 3.0 system
  • Improved Laser distance sensor (LDS)
  • Disposable mop system
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The newest Mi Roborock T6 cleaning robot is now available! The design and features of the vacuum cleaning robot have been improved in comparison to other Roborock cleaning robots. The new T6 model comes in White (T60), Gold (T61) or in Black (T65) color. Compared to the white robot, the suction robot in gold only has a golden circle around the laser sensor on the top.

The eye of the sweeping robot, the LDS navigation system upgrades to a new generation laser mapping algorithm, which brings faster, more stable and more accurate mapping capabilities that also automatically recognizes the room. Thanks to the built-in sensors you can even see a 2D map on the app. The Roborock Sweep T6 sweeps faster in narrow areas. Thanks to the new Map Management 3.0 system it can now accurately remember the user’s home map after the first cleaning and providing users with more personalized cleaning operations, it supports selection cleaning and zone cleaning. You can also set up a virtual wall to restrict certain areas.

With a suction power of 2000 Pascal, the Roborock T6 does the job of sweeping dust, hair, etc. without problems. Roborock put a lot of effort into Noise reduction and accomplished a overall Noise reduction of up to 50% compared to previous models, without losing suction power. Different suction levels are available to choose from and the Mi Robot Vacuum cleans up to 150 minutes or 250 m² using a large 5200mAh battery. The suction robot is controlled directly from your smartphone via the Mi Home app from Xiaomi. The app is available for Android OS in Chinese, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Polish language. To set up and use with the suction robot, simply select the region of China and set your connected smartphone or tablet to UTC+8:00. You can also select the time when you do not want the robot to clean. You can also select the time at which you do not want the robot to clean up.

The Xiaomi Roborock T6 has also a mopping function with an extra mop with water tank. So you can sit back and relax on your sofa after work or on the weekend, because the housework has already been done by the vacuum cleaner robot. It comes with disposable mops, it uses Velcro design to make it easy to install and tear it off. Thanks to a variety of sensors, e.g. cliff sensor, wall sensor and infrared sensor, the vacuum robot can easily navigate through your home or office. If the battery is empty, the robot automatically returns to the charging station and resumes its work at the last point where the cleaning process was stopped as soon as the battery is sufficiently charged again. Thanks to the built-in sensors, the robot does not bump into furniture.

Order and buy the reliable and stylish 2-in-1 household helper for you and your family - Get the Xiaomi Roborock T6 at!

Download Roborock User Manual here:

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Vacuum cleaner: 353 x 350 x 96.5mm / 13.89 x 13.77 x 3.79 inches
3.6 kg
In the Box
1x Charging dock, 1x Vacuum cleaner, 1x AC power cord, 1x Disposable Mop Cloths (10 pcs), 1x Waterproof pad, 1x Adjustable water tank, 1x Additional HEPA filter, 1x Water Tank Filter (1 pair), 2x Reusable microfiber mop cloths, 1x User manual (Chinese), 1x Side brush, 1x Roller brush, 1x Brush cleaning tool, 1x Travel AC Power Plug Adapter (if charger Type A is not supported in recipient country)