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Xiaomi Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat

Xiaomi Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat

  • Natural cork & rubber
  • Double sided anti-slip
  • Extra large size ( 1830 x 660 x 4mm )
  • Great Resilience
  • Moisture wicking & Inhibition of bacterial
  • Anti-sweat & Skin-friendly
  • Yoga Asanas Guide
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Xiaomi has built a new cooperation with Yunmai to offer more products and enhance your life quality. The Xiaomi Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat with the yoga alignment asanas point guide helps you do yoga correctly and precisely.

The Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat is designed wider and longer with a size of 1830 x 660 x 4mm to ensure complete comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. It is made from 100% natural rubber and recycled cork bark. The natural material is dried for 6 months and then processed. At the end the mat gives off a natural fragrance, making you feel just like in the nature. The back of the yoga mat is made of 100% natural rubber from Malaysia, providing you with an excellent resilience and grip, which protects your body and joints well.

The two natural materials of rubber and cork through the organic combination of hot pressing composite technology can easily cope with the stress at the all angles, better maintain the body stability and balance. The internal rubber structure of natural rubber is dense and it will be deformed when subjected to external pressure. When it loses pressure, it will immediately return to its original state.

The printed yoga alignment asanas points on the mat can not only effectively correct your yoga posture, but also avoid the wrong body position to avoid causing physical injury. Made in a honeycomb structure and the non-toxic and tasteless physicochemical properties also can inhibit bacterial growth and prevent mildew. Soft and tough at the same time, the Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat is anti-tearing, therefore with an extended service life. A yoga bag you can find in the set as well, so the mat is portable and easy to store.

Buy the Xiaomi Yunmai Natural Cork Rubber Yoga Mat - suitable for all occasions of yoga - online at

Cork / Rubber
Additional Info
Model: YMYG-C601;
Thickness: 4mm;
1830 × 660 × 4mm
In the Box
1x Yoga Mat, 1x Yoga Mat Bag